Every traditional leather wallet I’ve ever owned has sucked and never held up long. Plus I like the minimalist aesthetic. So, I got curious when my favorite YouTube creators were pushing the Ridge wallet. It’s been 6 years since then and I can FINALLY afford one. Now after 2 months of owning the ridge wallet, is it any good? Let’s find out with a little review.

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I might show b-roll footage of a walmart gift card because I don’t feel like letting people steal my money by seeing my actual credit card info. 2nd I’ve been sponsored by a wallet brand before, but currently have no affiliation with them or Ridge wallet. This review is just my honest opinion. Let’s start. The ridge wallet costs’ between $75-$125. But you can get 10% off using a creator’s code. They come with either a money clip, or with a cash strap and come in plenty of different colors for each. I have a white aluminum one with the strap. But you can order the elastic strap separately. The box comes with the wallet, extra screws and screwdriver. If you happen to lose any screws they sell additional parts straight off their website.

The front Ridge Wallet plate has their name etched into it. The plates are held together by 14 screws, 7 on each side. When you remove the screws you can replace the elastic or switch your cash strap for the money clip or vice versa. These black plates that’s sandwiched beneath the exterior finish are super smooth, and very slightly inclined which lets the cards slide smoothly in the wallet. The wallet is sturdy with no flex or bending. The wallet itself feels nice in the hand, the painted aluminum ridge wallet exterior has this texture that feels like the exterior of colored Hydroflasks.

The ridge wallet is the shape of a credit card, just thicker so when you have cards inside they sit behind the ridge wallet plate and rest on top of the bottom elastic so the cards don’t fall out. If you compare the same amount of cards in the ridge wallet vs your typical trifold wallet, the trifold looks overstuffed.

The 1st week was rough. The elastic was stiff and wouldn’t stretch far so I only managed to squeeze in about 5 or 6 cards. But over time, it does get better and you can fit more cards in and I can get to the 15 cards they advertise. But I wouldn’t recommend that. The ridge wallet is great if you want to hold anything less than 10. When you take your cards out and are looking for a card, you have to swipe each one aside as if you’re looking for your favorite pokemon card. In a trifold wallet you keep your cards in the same place each time, so you know where they are from memory. If you have many cards in the ridge wallet it would take you just as long or longer than a trifold wallet to pull out the card you need.

It’s small and compact. With a regular trifold wallet I like to keep my keys and wallet in one front pocket, and my phone in the other. If I place the trifold wallet in one of my back pockets. I feel like I’m crushing it. But with the ridge wallet, it’s small enough that I can sit on it. If you have embossed cards then using the ridge wallet is more difficult. If you try sliding in a card that happens to slide where an embossed card is, it can be stopped and not let you slide your card all the way down. It can get really annoying if you carry around a ton of embossed cards. I honestly thought the white surface would get scuffed up like crazy considering that I usually keep it in the same pocket as my keys but the wallet stayed intact with some minor scuffs.

All the budget alternatives all have compromises that make them inferior to the ridge wallet. The ridge costs more but honestly, it’s overall the better product except for price. I bought all 3 of these for the price of my 1 ridge wallet.

When I bought it, I thought it was for me. But as I kept using it I realized it came with too many compromises that I wasn’t willing to live with. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. It’s a cool concept. Just not for me. So, who is it for? This is for someone who can get by without using their wallet much. Meaning someone who uses apple or google pay often and needs a card holder for their id, a few cards that they don’t use too often and some cash. Or, someone who’s willing to live with form over function. It’s durable and it’s not a bad wallet, just a wallet for a specific type of person.