The National Institute for Vocational Education (NIVE) was established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2006, in conformity with the directions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, in order to provide students with the opportunity to gain specific job competencies geared to enhancing their employability. NIVE is an autonomously managed organisation affiliated with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

NIVE represents a new and clear vision for Vocational Education in the UAE. This vision places a major emphasis on the importance of vocational education correlated to the UAE’s future skills base, competitiveness and economic development within the context of a global economy.

This vision also raises the status of vocational education and provides a meaningful, credible opportunity to all UAE citizens. To this end, NIVE has adopted a coherent vocational educational framework, offering clear progression routes and exit points to the world of work, as is necessary for a modern, knowledge based economy.

The main mandate of NIVE is to develop a highly skilled, flexible, employable workforce that forms the key to regional and international innovation, productivity and competitiveness in accordance with:
-the current and future needs of the labour market
-the aspirations of the people of the UAE
The knowledge and skills gained by students at NIVE will equip them with a solid background to foster their career growth and to meet the requirements for admission into more advanced levels of education.

Programmes of study at NIVE adhere to the latest international standards and are accredited by reputable international educational institutions such as Edexcel International, which offers the programmes of BTEC (formerly the UK-based Business and Technology Education Council).

-Foster the creation of an educational environment providing knowledge and skills that will benefit the UAE economy and development.
-Provide an alternative vocational education route that can lead to an undergraduate degree.
-Provide continuing education opportunities to professionals in industry.
-Be the leading reputable vocational education provider in the region.
-Be committed to a client-centred pursuit of excellence
-Operate competitively.
-Conduct its operation transparently and effectively.

NIVE’s vision is to be the institute of choice for students and employers.

NIVE’s mission is to provide flexible, high quality, life-long, world-class vocational education, benchmarked against professional standards that will meet the current and future needs of stakeholders, the government, community, employers and individuals in the UAE and the Gulf region.

Philosophy & Strategies:
NIVE offers internationally recognised vocational qualifications that industry, business and commerce understand and respect, and that employers support. BTEC philosophy extends beyond an internationally recognised qualification that embraces modularisation, flexibility and progression.

BTEC represents an effective, holistic process of vocational education that engages students, lecturers and stakeholders in the educational process by means of continuous assessment, integrated vocational assignments, and vocational experience. BTEC qualifications are aligned with respective industry or business standards.

An important aspect of NIVE’s philosophy is to provide a quality education through the development of client-oriented programmes. The programmes offered by NIVE have the following features:

-They are modular in nature, with multiple entry points.
-They are learner-oriented and designed to maximise the inherent potential of the learners.
-They combine theory with practice and foster the work ethic expected by employers.