ABAMI is part of a British owned International Group established in 1988. Today ABAMI spans across UK, Canada & Middle East. With over 25 years of experience, ABAMI has successfully adding value to over 60,000 participants working across 500 multinationals, banks, oil & gas, local conglomerates, regional organizations and government institutions. ABAMI has led several Consultancy Projects, & has successfully developed & delivered over 2000 customized learning and development programs during the last 5 years.

Every day members of the ABAMI family across the world strive hard to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This belief inspires us to serve organizations with their people development initiatives. We believe organizations are critical part of a society. A motivated and happy employee is not just productive for the organization; they also lead a healthy social life. The ABAMI methodology and learning platforms take participants through a journey that encourages a sustainable behavior change adding value to them at a personal and professional level.

This remarkable journey would not have been possible without the efforts of the ABAMI members. The ABAMI family consists of 50 consultants from different backgrounds, sharing our opportunities and complementing each other with our strengths. Every day we try to improve our last performance.

ABAMI is beyond an organization; it’s a philosophy on how amazing things can be achieved when positive people come together with honest intention and a strong common belief..

And we believe we have just started our journey!


Recognized as a leading Consultancy and Training organization in the UAE, ABAMI partners with over 500 leading organizations in the region and has delivered value to over 60,000 participants since 2010. With over 50 facilitators and coaches and three fully equipped centres, we focus on experiential learning solutions, action based learning and coaching and business simulations. ABAMI leads and initiates many projects in the field of leadership development, building high performance teams, customer engagement, and management, organizational and personal development.



To provide highly professional training courses that result in a measurable improvement in managerial and employee attitudes, knowledge and competence. We achieve this by listening carefully to needs and then developing unique and dynamic solutions to underpin a long term mutually rewarding relationship.